Zeestock Adventure Lodge

Paintball Park

Situated right here at Zeestock is our in-house paintball park. Its a massive bush warfare maze spread over 3 hectares of thick bush with lots of cover and ambush points We can supply all the equipment from guns to protection gear right through to bush camo for groups of up to 20 people. Please contact us directly for further information or check out our paintball website.

Games & Park prices

170r pp including 100 paintballs (extra 100 balls for 50r) *Minimum group of 8 players, maximum of 20 players. Price includes all equipment safety briefing and 2 referees.   For park rental you need to bring your own equipment, prices vary according to group size.

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73 Three Fountains Estate Philadelphia, Cape Town, South Africa +27 (0)79 242 70 31